I Call Him Faithful

Do you believe that God heard your prayer the first time you prayed? If so, why do we get a bit skeptical when He take so long to grant it to us? God knows what’s on the inside of us even more than we do. There are some things He wish to develop in us or strip us of; so He put us through things or have us wait for the promise a little longer. If you’re waiting longer than usual use this time to allow God to develop patience in you. You should also ask God to teach you whatever it is He desires for you to learn in this season.
We should also know that sometimes the enemy is attacking and we are not knowledgeable of his tactics to fight efficiently. Ask God what this season or issue is and what to do while in it. God loves you more than you, yourself. He is faithful to remember your every desire, spoken or unspoken. I am a firm believer that God heard you the first time you prayed. God heard your FIRST prayer. He will not turn His head on what you want or long for so dear! Jesus said, “Ask that your joy may be full.” he wants your joy full! He isn’t out to get you. I am needing God to help me with this walk. To believe the things His Word says about Him and not what the enemy tries to plant or have planted in my mind.
The enemy is cunning, he is very slick and does things in a subtle way to get our mind on the wrong track; so we don’t believe the Word of God. The Word gets twisted and misconstrued in our minds and we end up accepting defeat. Everywhere in God’s word promises peace, love, and hope. He doesn’t want us to fear. If we are living under the guidance of the Holy Ghost and in the secret place He would be able to show us every move of the enemy. Holy Ghost filled believers are too close to God to not know Him. There is no excuse. Going to church isn’t enough for me. I want to love what He loves and hate what He hates. I want to know Him more than a jump and shout. I desire to experience His personality, laughter, tears, anger, sadness, joy. There is more and I want the more.
John saw the third heaven. Let me see a glimpse of heaven! There is so much more and I desire to get to that place flowing with milk and honey and reverted back to the sinless state of the garden of Eden. It doesn’t mean the enemy won’t fight but we are already equipped. God is faithful to get me to that place. It’s hard for me to believe that the God who loves me more than myself will look over my tears as though nothing happened. I don’t believe the God who loved me enough to allow His only son die in my place will forget my pain. There is no way in heaven, earth, or hell I am able to believe that. Those tears from last year, last month, and last decade is still at the forefront of His mind! Why?! Because He is faithful. God is f.a.i.t.h.f.u.l and too just to forget.

**I thank you God for your faithfulness**

Alisa Miller

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