There’s so much more

It seems like when people read, study, and learn the Word in a tremendous way, they gravitate towards preaching. People are sooo focused on preaching as if they’ve arrived once they reach that point and beyond..but there is sooo much more to God than simply preaching. Preaching isn’t mentioned in the bible as much as people emphasize it on today…and one of the ways the bible talks of preaching is by expounding to others about the Gospel (life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ)…which is given to all God’s people to follow. Nowadays people are preaching, but it’s constricted to trials and storms and gaining earthly blessings from God..not the gospel. People aren’t content with what they have or where they are in life. We are always wanting more, and we wonder why we are lacking in the power of Christ?! It’s about the Kingdom of God, but people have emotions and have placed their own emotion and opinion into the calling of God and have diluted it to a great degree! The more diluted we make our our calling, the more diluted our power will be until we tune in to God fully. It’s more to God than juuust preaching. He’s too big to be confined to just that. I hope He can use me in whatever way He desires.


*Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.* The kingdom of God comes first. When you do for God, He will look out for you. I digress.

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