Dear God

Being here on earth sometimes seem to be almost unbearable. There’s pain, disappoinment, aggarvation, and hatred. Living here on earth has taken me through my fair share of problems. From all of my “friends” walking off and leaving me; to not knowing if I could stay in the race with you…even now as I am writing this letter to you, I am going through a storm. Lord, it feels as though one of the worst things to happen to me has intensified. I feel as though I’m in the middle of an ocean called, Pain…there’s no one around, no one to see that I’m capable of drowning; Nevertheless, I am surviving.

There’s a possibility that I could get cold hearted and unloving. There’s always the possiblity of giving my life over to satan, so that troubles won’t be mine here on earth, but Lord I know that you are able to do all things. I know that you can mend my troubled heart. You’ve mended it once before; and blessed me with an anointing that I didn’t know was coming. If you did it then, then Lord, I know you can do it now. I am going to trust you! 🙂 For your word says ‘blessed is the man that trusteth in you.’ Your word says, ‘Lean not on my own understanding.’ Your word says, ‘because I trust you, you will keep me in perfect peace.’ In knowing this Lord, I give you my problems, because I don’t want those things! Why should I keep that mess if you want it!!

Lord, I ask that you just keep me as you have before. For my destination is home; which is heaven! This earth will never come close to home. As I have said in other circumstances with you,I will say again. I am willing to go through all my life just to make it to heaven! I say this in confidence, because no matter what I’m going through, with you there is always joy. Thank you so much Lord for this Holy Ghost, this Comforter, this Guide. I am forever grateful to you for this Holy Ghost given to me on the night of January 6th, 2001. I was redeemed then, and I will stay the redeemed, even unto the rapture of the saints!

**May whoever read this, be as determined as I am to make heaven their home.
**{For His strength is made perfect in our weakness}**

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