Trusting the Potter

I have gone through a lot of set-backs in my life. I have wondered why certain jobs didn’t call me back or why I hadn’t graduated from college yet or why didn’t get what I so desperately desired exactly when I wanted it? I had trouble trying to figure my own life out. I wanted to “fix” me and my circumstances. I am one of those people that have always been told that God is in control, but I have always been one of those people that would agree and try to work things out on my own. I’m tired of wondering, worrying and “fixing.” I choose to let go of my life.

I choose to allow God complete access to the areas in my life that I don’t think is correct and let Him complete me. Jeremiah 18:1-6 states; ‘this is the word of the Lord that came to Jeremiah from the Lord: “Go down to the potter’s house and there I will give you my message.” So I went down to the potter’s house, and I saw him working at the wheel; but the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him. Then the Word of the Lord came to me; He said, “Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does? Declares the Lord; like clay in the hands of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel. When reading this scripture I realize that my life is not my own! I am in the hand of the potter. Being filled with the Holy Ghost automatically places me in a position to be seen of God you see, there are times and circumstances that make me think that God has forgotten about me. There are times I wonder if He’s more interested in something else or if He even cares about my tears and what I am going through. When observing this scripture I realize that God will allow us to go through our trials; while we are going through it, He is shaping us just as the potter shapes the clay. He knows exactly what He wants to do in my life. It may be something that I totally disagree with, but He has the last say so in what I do and not me.

There is another scripture of Jesus speaking and allowing His disciples to know that a sparrow is sold for two pence and that we are worth more than many sparrows, but when they fall to the ground He sees it. This allows me to know that whenever I am going through I can rest knowing that God is watching my every move and that He cares about me and what turn my life makes while traveling this world as a sojourner.

I declare that I trust God with all that I have. He knows more than me what it is that I am supposed to do in this life. I trust Him, and declare that I will lean and trust on Him with aaaallll my heart and will NOT lean on my own understanding. I don’t understand everything that God does. There are times that I think God’s actions have caused me to cry and be heart broken. There are things that God allow that cause me to think that I will never ever be the same again! My finite mind can’t and never will understand what it is that He is trying to accomplish in my life, but I choose to trust Him with all that I have. I know that He is the potter and that I am the clay. I choose to allow the potter to have full control.


*I trust you God with all of my heart*


Peace be unto you.

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Growing UP!

When we are little children who is just beginning to walk, we depend greatly on adults to assist us as we walk. We may decide to walk on our own a little and grab a hold of something steady, be it a table, chair, or person. There may be times when the child loses balance and falls. As the child continue to grow up (if there is nothing wrong with the child) he/she will learn how to stand tall and walk effortlessly. We as believers aren’t automatically adults upon receiving Christ. We all begin as babes in Christ (Some mature quicker than others). All of us in Christ have been at a place where our heavenly Father feeds us, holds us, and do the necessities to keep the baby alive and comfortable.

As we grow older God will want us to begin to walk. We may struggle and wobble here and there, but God is there to catch us when we ‘lose our balance’ and fall. As we continue to grow in Christ we obtain more and more strength and abilities. We are more capable of doing things on our own. We do not have a constant need to consult God about His will. We will have more of a knowledge of what His will is in people’s lives. We would come to a place where we can cast out demons with no problem. We would find ourselves in position to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. As adults in Christ we would know our place in Christ. The bible says, when I was a child I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, I understood as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things (We are to love one another deeply).

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I Call Him Faithful

Do you believe that God heard your prayer the first time you prayed? If so, why do we get a bit skeptical when He take so long to grant it to us? God knows what’s on the inside of us even more than we do. There are some things He wish to develop in us or strip us of; so He put us through things or have us wait for the promise a little longer. If you’re waiting longer than usual use this time to allow God to develop patience in you. You should also ask God to teach you whatever it is He desires for you to learn in this season.
We should also know that sometimes the enemy is attacking and we are not knowledgeable of his tactics to fight efficiently. Ask God what this season or issue is and what to do while in it. God loves you more than you, yourself. He is faithful to remember your every desire, spoken or unspoken. I am a firm believer that God heard you the first time you prayed. God heard your FIRST prayer. He will not turn His head on what you want or long for so dear! Jesus said, “Ask that your joy may be full.” he wants your joy full! He isn’t out to get you. I am needing God to help me with this walk. To believe the things His Word says about Him and not what the enemy tries to plant or have planted in my mind.
The enemy is cunning, he is very slick and does things in a subtle way to get our mind on the wrong track; so we don’t believe the Word of God. The Word gets twisted and misconstrued in our minds and we end up accepting defeat. Everywhere in God’s word promises peace, love, and hope. He doesn’t want us to fear. If we are living under the guidance of the Holy Ghost and in the secret place He would be able to show us every move of the enemy. Holy Ghost filled believers are too close to God to not know Him. There is no excuse. Going to church isn’t enough for me. I want to love what He loves and hate what He hates. I want to know Him more than a jump and shout. I desire to experience His personality, laughter, tears, anger, sadness, joy. There is more and I want the more.
John saw the third heaven. Let me see a glimpse of heaven! There is so much more and I desire to get to that place flowing with milk and honey and reverted back to the sinless state of the garden of Eden. It doesn’t mean the enemy won’t fight but we are already equipped. God is faithful to get me to that place. It’s hard for me to believe that the God who loves me more than myself will look over my tears as though nothing happened. I don’t believe the God who loved me enough to allow His only son die in my place will forget my pain. There is no way in heaven, earth, or hell I am able to believe that. Those tears from last year, last month, and last decade is still at the forefront of His mind! Why?! Because He is faithful. God is f.a.i.t.h.f.u.l and too just to forget.

**I thank you God for your faithfulness**

Alisa Miller

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Loving Me!

Have you ever felt alone like you were in this big world all by yourself? There are people that are surrounding you, there are friends but you still feel lonely. I’ve been going through that phase a lot lately. I’m waiting on this season of my life to pass. It seems as though it’s been here too long. I hate negative emotions, the minute they arise I try my best to get rid of them. I realize now that negative emotions will come and that they won’t be around all the time.

I am hoping for a greater future. I think I feel bummed today because I’ve been looking for a new job and kept getting looked over. It sort of makes me feel as though I really don’t have what it takes to work a new job. When being looked over so much feelings of rejection surface. A person has to know their worth even when they don’t feel it.

A friend asked me a few days ago what it is that I like about myself. I told her that I like my ability to read people. I have a keen sense when it comes to reading people and their body language. When conversing with others I can understand exactly what they’re saying, and not only that but I know where their heart is when they’re speaking to me. I can tell when someone is being deceptive, as well as a truly honest and trustworthy person. I like that about me. There are other things that I like about myself. I like my push to persevere when times aren’t easy and fun. When I want to give up (like this job search) and call it quits there is a fighting factor in me that just refuses to give up. I like being sensitive. I like my gentle side. I like the essence of who I am.

I am Alisa Miller and the events of life has made me who I am. Looking at the whole me I wouldn’t trade myself up for anything or anyone else in the world. Yeah, I like being an African American woman. I like my natural hair and brown skin. I have my own mindset. Whenever the crowd opts to do one thing, I’m going to lag behind to evaluate the situation to see if I want to go along with the crowd. If I don’t see it fit to go along with the crowd I WILL be the odd ball and do what I desire. It makes Alisa who she is. I am proud of my accomplishments in life such as, graduating high school, being in the work field for 4 year and counting, obtaining my associate’s in business management, and for pursuing a bachelor’s degree against all odds.

I will not give people the ability to place worth on me. I say in the most humble manner that I know my worth and I like me! 🙂 I celebrate Alisa! I am happy to be Alisa! There will never be another Alisa (me) in the world! May I make my print the only way I can in the world, custom made original the only way I can do it.

P.S. Never allow anyone have the power to tell you your worth. You must know your worth, and when people emphasize it, be thankful. #thatisall

**In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you!**

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…but I’m still here (Miss you mom)

I am writing this post from off the top of my head, so excuse me if my wording is a little sporadic.

My mother passed away at the very young age of 51. I was 21 years of age and still trying to find my way in the world. The day she died I was fasting and praying with two other friends. I remember praying to God and becoming extremely sleepy to waking up to my cousin calling me. She said that the call was urgent and to please contact her back. When I called my cousin back and she didn’t respond I knew something bad had happened. I decided to call one of the few people that I felt comfortable calling just to talk about nothing at mom. My brother answered the phone and I could hear him sniffing, he told me that my mother had passed away. When he told me I didn’t scream nor did I cry immediately. I simply told him “okay”, hung up the phone, and fell on my knees and began to pray. I don’t know exactly what I prayed being that when I fell on my knees the Holy Spirit took over. I got up and called my pastor to inform him and my best friend to drive me home which was 3 hours away.

Life as I knew it would never…..ever be the same again. The whole day I was calm. I didn’t get much sleep that week because I think I was trying to process it all. I think I got 8 hours of sleep the first week which is equivalent to only one night of sleep in 6 to 7 days. I had a great support system. There were people everywhere who wanted to make sure I was okay, of which I was very grateful. Once the initial shock of her passing was gone life was business as usual again in the life of others, but not mine. I remember getting upset (a little angry) and antsy because life continued normally without her……yeah, eventually I got through it. I had to go to school and pretend everything is okay, as though I didn’t lose my mother. I had to work and behave as though I am okay, because I didn’t want anyone’s sympathy. There were plenty of other things that has happened between then and now, some of which I like and some of which I disliked but I am still here.

She passed away unexpectedly on April 30th 2012. I am almost positive that she knew about her situation, but didn’t tell us. It has now been two years and one month since she’s passed and it seems to become a little harder as time passes. The pain of her loss isn’t as intense of initially finding out, but it’s just that I miss her. Knowing that I will not be able to talk to her anymore here on earth. I am unable to receive her advice. I won’t be able to hear her laugh, or see the love and acceptance in her eyes for me her daughter. I have lost a sense of belonging since she’s passed away. No matter how much people say how much they love me and my company, I don’t feel as though I do. I have lost my sense of security since she’s gone, and I don’t know if I will ever gain it back. It also made me sad to know that the longer she’s gone the more like strangers we will become. My life is continuing here on earth whereas hers here on earth has ended. If we were to see each other again there would be a sense of estrangement in the atmosphere. She is no longer here, and yes there is pain, but God is my helper and…I am still here.

RIP mother dearest. I will always love you.

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There’s so much more

It seems like when people read, study, and learn the Word in a tremendous way, they gravitate towards preaching. People are sooo focused on preaching as if they’ve arrived once they reach that point and beyond..but there is sooo much more to God than simply preaching. Preaching isn’t mentioned in the bible as much as people emphasize it on today…and one of the ways the bible talks of preaching is by expounding to others about the Gospel (life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ)…which is given to all God’s people to follow. Nowadays people are preaching, but it’s constricted to trials and storms and gaining earthly blessings from God..not the gospel. People aren’t content with what they have or where they are in life. We are always wanting more, and we wonder why we are lacking in the power of Christ?! It’s about the Kingdom of God, but people have emotions and have placed their own emotion and opinion into the calling of God and have diluted it to a great degree! The more diluted we make our our calling, the more diluted our power will be until we tune in to God fully. It’s more to God than juuust preaching. He’s too big to be confined to just that. I hope He can use me in whatever way He desires.


*Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.* The kingdom of God comes first. When you do for God, He will look out for you. I digress.

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I’ve been feeling this way lately. 🙂 Adore it. God bless him.

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